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Our tools are key to implementing our solutions: our APIs and management console make it easy for anyone to start making the most of SSI technology. 

Customers can choose to use our mobile app and extension, or integrate them into their own’s, or even to rely on a third-party app.

Our products focus on flexibility and interoperability.

ssi as a service

sideos Platform

First of all we need to introduce what is Self Sovereign Identity and what is a Verifiable credential in order to understand our ecosystem.

What is SSI?

SSI is a protocol defined in the for exchanging data in a decentralised way: it combines data and ownership into one single dataset, then signs the dataset by using digital signatures and then puts the content into an object called Verifiable Credential.

SSI is a standard and therefore is meant to be interoperable, as long as different providers implement the same rules defined in the definitions.

What is a Verifiable Credential?

A Verifiable Credential, or VC, describes not only a set of data, but also contains its ownership through a signature. Similar to digital signatures, a VC can be verified at a later point and therefore trusted.

A VC can represent, for example: a payment method, a medical exam, a degree or certification, an email/password combination, and much more.

In SSI workflows, there are three main actors performing operations:


This is who creates a Verifiable Credential by signing its dataset.


The subject, a person, who owns the VC and keeps it in their storage area.


Who wants to use the data owned by the Holder, verifies its authenticity.

This concept is key to understanding our ecosystem: sideos is the infrastructure of the software as a service that provides the ability to store and retrieve decentralised data for Issuers, Holders, and Verifiers through the set of tools described below.

EASY AND FAST integration

sideos APIs

The issuance and verification gateway

Our infrastructure connects an organisation’s decentralised data to other data sources to verify that the data being requested is legitimate.

Only 2 API calls and you're ready to go!

It is the bi-directional service for issuing and verifying credentials, and can be integrated using 2 simple API calls.

straight-forward interface

sideos Juno

The management console

The Juno Bridge is the management console that helps a team manage the interactions between their technical infrastructure and their users seamlessly, for a fraction of the cost.

An easy interface that serves as the bridge between your app and your users’ devices, it is where Issuers can customise the data contained in verifiable credentials based on their business requirements and needs, see the list of transactions, onboard other admins and much more.

Create credentials requests and offers

With Juno you an create credentials templates easily and start issuing them to be scanned or read by the the mobile (Transponder App) or desktop (Browser sideos Wallet) wallets.

SDK available

Transponder App

The mobile wallet

This is a digital wallet, the storage area for Holders to safely receive, store and exchange verifiable credentials on their devices.

The Transponder mobile app can be thought of as a real-life wallet: it stores many pieces of information - an ID, a discount code, a loyalty or credit card, a ticket or a document - and users present them whenever they need to be verified by a service, an organisation or such.

Creating a digital identity

With SSI technology, the digital identity of the Holder is created via cryptography in a personal device like mobile or computer, within a digital wallet where users manage their pieces of information held into Verifiable Credentials.

SDK Available

sideos Wallet

The browser extension

sideos Wallet is a browser extension: similarly to the Transponder app, it is where you can safely receive, store and exchange Verifiable Credentials through your digital identity, which is created locally on your browser.

An alternative for non-mobile Users

Our browser extension is not only a fast way to test our solutions, but is also suitable for work environments where phones are not allowed.

Choose your plan

From plans to get started, to customised solutions we offer plans to get familiar with or unleash the power of SSI technology.




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How to get started with sideos infrastructure?

You can follow our self-onboarding page, or if you need help navigating the integration, we offer a free intro call to guide you through!

Need an extra hand?

Additional services

We can help you out decentralising your business

Customer Support

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Training & Consulting

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  • Architecture & infrastructure assessment
  • Use case evaluation
  • Credited once bilateral contract is closed

Set Up Service

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  • Assessment on API infrastructure
  • Integration of SDK
  • Assess complexity of use case for template design
  • Training and Support for administrators


  • Match your special business requirements
  • Customise platform's aspects to your needs
  • Enhance your customers' requisites

Find out how sideos can help you implement SSI technology in your business and customise your plan with our additional services.

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